Hawarden Forest Trail Ride

After postponing the event because of high river levels the week before, the trail ride took place on the 25th July.  Held in conjunction with Adventure Trailride Events, the club was very happy to use the location of Hawarden Forest, kindly permitted by Carbon Farms, and Macdonald Downs Station, to hold what we hope will be an annual fundraising event at the venue.

Over 380 riders took part in the event which had trails for all levels of riders – from children to seasoned riders.  The main course was approximately 35km long and included river crossings, forest trails of varying difficulty, and high open country. A Peewee course was provided for young riders, and an enduro option to test more able riders.  By all accounts it was a ride enjoyed by all, and a successful one for the Club with the profits raised being donated back to our community.

The Venue at Macdonald Downs Station
Riders Prepare for the Trail
Dropping Down from the Terrace
– To the Flat Before the River
Contemplating the River Crossing
Into the River
– And out the Other Side
Entering the Forest
On the Forest Track – Image by Richard Streeter
Out on the Tops – Image by Richard Streeter
Finishing the Loop – image by Richard Streeter
The Lions Provide the Other Fuel

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